Establishment of MEDICOR Elektronika Zrt.

On the 100th anniversary of the beginning of MEDICOR’s history and the birth of the Hungarian medical technology industry, the Foundation for the “Hungarian Medical Technology Industry” was created out of the commitment for the present and future of the sector.

The foundation was registered by the Budapest-Capital Regional Court on 24 October 2018.

The objective of the Foundation for “Hungarian Medical Technology Industry”

“The further increase of the market competitiveness of the 100-year old Hungarian medical technology sector, the development of the innovative environment of the healthcare industry, the continuation of the traditions of the sector with networking, the preservation and elevation of its culture. The facilitation of research, development and education for the health preservation and disease prevention of the Hungarian population as well as the domestic healing and healthcare rehabilitation activity by strengthening, organizing and supporting a closer and wider collaboration of the businesses of the Hungarian medical technology industry, hospitals, clinics and knowledge centres.”

In order to achieve the objective of the foundation it carries out the following activities in the public interest

  • providing health preservation, disease prevention, healing and health rehabilitation activity,
  • social activity, family care, assistance for the care of the elderly,
  • conducting scientific activity and researches,
  • education and teaching, skills-development, dissemination of knowledge.

Categorization of the foundation according to purpose

Activities of other membership organisations in the interest of the Hungarian medical technology industry.

The activity of the foundation

  • The foundation intends to provide assistance to the Hungarian Medical Technology Industry and carry out its activity in the public interest through the organization of the Accredited Innovation Cluster of Hungarian Medical Manufacturers and Service Providers (the Hungarian Medical Cluster) by organizing and providing services to the businesses of the medical technology industry for the implementation of the objectives set.
  • On the basis of Government decree 2123/2017. (XII.29) for the development of the medical technology industry, the Foundation intends to support the creation and operation of the “Technological Innovation Service Space” with government support, which provides operational services to the companies of the Hungarian medical technology such as: - organization of development, distribution and cooperation in other fields for the stakeholders of the sector.
    • conformity assessments and services relating to the domestic and international registrations ensuring the marketability of medical technology products, the creation, operation and assistance of organizations necessary to conduct these activities
    • lobby activity relating to the domestic market (cooperation with domestic hospitals, clinics, ministries, accredited clusters of the sector, workshops,
    • assistance to receive references, organization of conferences, congresses, exhibitions etc.)
    • assistance provided for the participation in the export market (supporting, facilitating and organizing the participation in exhibitions, conferences, congresses, networking) - monitoring invitations to tender in connection with development/research/innovation, organization and assistance of innovation activity etc.)
    • organization of cooperation with knowledge centres, organization of education and further trainings, (dual training)
    • support provided for physicians, healthcare professionals and the scientific activities of med-tech companies
    • med-tech publications, dissemination of knowledge
    • preservation of the historical traditions of the domestic medical technology industry,
  • The circle targeted by the activity of the Foundation, the members of the Hungarian Medical Cluster (alliance companies)
    • knowledge centres (universities, colleges, vocational schools etc.)
    • domestic med-tech sector SMEs
    • companies providing services to the medical technology industry
    • associations representing the interest of the sector
    • hospitals, clinics, private and public healthcare institutions
    • ministries
    • other domestic and foreign strategic partners


The continuation of the traditions of the 100-year old domestic medical technology sector, the preservation and elevation of its culture.